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The following are letters from the families that have taken our puppies and accepted them into their families.

I would highly recommend purchasing your new pug addition from LeeAnn . As you can see from the photo, my little guy, who we call Vernon, is pug perfection ! When I decided I needed (I was beyond simply wanting one!) a pug in my life, I began researching online. I found a list of breeders, and began making countless calls and numerous emails. This proved to be frustrating and disappointing. Either they wanted thousands for their pug, who they claimed had “champion bloodlines”, also telling me they preferred to sell only to those who would show. I just wanted a little flat-faced bundle of joy to cuddle with. Then there were the breeders who lived in Arkansas, or a state similar, who would ship their pug out, not to mention the fact they bred not only pugs, but also several other breeds. This seemed sketchy.

Finally, I came upon LeeAnn’s website, A Bit Pugish. I left her a message, not thinking too much about it. That evening, I received a call back from her. Right away, she put me at ease with her friendliness and down-to-earth nature. I asked questions, and she answered them in a way I not only understood, but also made me feel like she knew what she was doing. She had two black puppies available. She told me she’d take them to her vet the following day to get a full physical exam. We made plans to meet at a halfway point, which happened to be at her friend’s house.

 The drive wasn’t bad at all, maybe because I had pugs on the brain, and it seemed I arrived in no time at all. I knocked on her door, and she welcomed me in. Immediately I was greeted by a huge pug smile, followed by dozens of pug kisses. Within minutes I realized LeeAnn didn’t just breed pugs; she LIVED pugs. Now that I am the parent of my own pug, I realize the difference between someone who calls their pug their dog, and those who consider their pug a part of the family. LeeAnn is the latter.

She introduced me to each of her pugs, most notably Tara, the mother of the litter, as well as her friend’s pugs, and her mother’s pug. I was in pug bliss, pug-o-rama, pug utopia, and if I had even an inkling of hesitation about bringing a pug into my home, that all went away right then and there.

I decided on the all black one (the other had a cute white stripe down his chest), which took a matter of minutes, but didn’t leave the house for probably another hour or two. LeeAnn and her family sat with me, and filled me with more information than I could have wished for. They gave me advice on cleaning my puggie’s skin folds (complete with a demonstration), as well as recommendations on nail trimming (I got a demo on that too !). They mentioned the “inverted sneeze”, warned me of vets who viewed pugs as a way to make some big bucks, and made sure I knew to get my puppy in to see a vet ASAP for his shots.

I left feeling great; I had acquired a fur baby of my own, as well as a new set of friends, who even offered to pug-sit for me if I were to go out of town. Before I left, after many hugs, LeeAnn’s mother (who as I mentioned is a pug parent herself) said to me, “Well, it looks like you’ve been Pugged !!!”. Indeed, I have been.   Hey, LeeAnn, put me on the list for your next litter !!!

-  Kristy Mulcahy


I am writing this letter in recommendation of LeeAnn Hoyt Lambert. Her services as a breeder are outstanding at best. When I found LeeAnn through a website that searched for breeders of pugs, I was excited just from our conversation. She is such an enthusiastic and loving young woman. She truly enjoys working with and creating a loving environment for the animals that she breeds. LeeAnn treats her pugs as children not as dogs or just pets. She gave me a new found love for dogs that I never had. When my own parents saw how much I loved my daughter that I adopted from LeeAnn they were amazed how I had changed. Sheba has changed my life and it is due to the relationship that I developed with LeeAnn. She developed a relationship with me as a parent that will be life long.

We talked the entire time prior to the birth of our daughter and made frequent trips to visit her through stages of our daughter’s development. Our family has been blessed by the process and any family will be enriched by the joy that the experience of bringing home a pug from the Lambert family will bring. Not only are they the best looking pugs I have seen, they are very healthy and I have referred many to her because of the compliments my baby girl gets.

Thanks LeeAnn and Joe for the miracle of Princess Sheba Barnett that you have blessed our family with. Continue to give other families the joy that our family has experienced from your love for pugs.

Tracey B. Barnett




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