Hi, I’m LeeAnn and if you are considering purchasing one of my pugs, I feel it is important that you know a bit about me. I am both a mother to two and four legged children and work in education for special needs. My two passions are children and animals. I was raised in a very animal loving family. Watching my mother nurse a wild animal or adopt someone else’s “burden” was normal life for me.

I got my first pug Cricket when I was sixteen. The moment I saw Cricket I fell in love and never looked back. Pugs are the most amazing dogs. They acclimate to any life-style, and are always quite content. The only set-backs they posses are minor: they can shed, and they snore.

My husband Joe and I have been raising pugs for almost fifteen years. In that time, we have made some of the best friends through our dogs. We have also been screened and chosen by the Make A Wish foundation to give a sweet little girl with cancer her first pug.

Bringing each one of my pugs home were the best decisions of my life, and that’s why I breed them. I hope to share that experience. When I married my husband (Joe) it wasn’t long before he joined me in my pug crazy ways, striving to make beautiful, good tempered, and most of all healthy puppies. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have never had a pup come back to us due to illness or defect, and through very meticulous and careful breeding, hope we never will. The pug is a very genetically sensitive breed and “cutting any corners” can mean Big problems.

We are NOT a puppy mill. Our dogs are our babies first and foremost, breeding is not a priority. Because of that, we will not ship our puppies, we feel that it is important to meet and get to know our puppy buyers.
We are proud to say that say some of our puppies have grown up to be service dogs, therapy dogs, and one very special Grandpuppy of ours “Hailey” is all three! Some of our babies have become “famous” being featured in newspapers, advertisements, and earning prestigious titles like honorary mayor, and “spokes dog.” We take pride in the fact that we know where our puppies go and that the new owners become part of our family. We get to see pictures of our puppies and keep in touch long after they go home. We even get to babysit some of our babies when their families go on vacation!

We hope to start a pug rescue some day, but with puppies on site, it is too risky to bring in dogs that could potentially carry something.






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