1. I, LeeAnn M. Lambert (hereinafter designated as BREEDER), guarantee this Pug puppy to be healthy and free of disease upon receipt by BUYER. Every effort has been made by BREEDER to produce a litter both physically and mentally sound. BREEDER will stand behind this breeding to the extent stated below. However, BUYER accepts full responsibility for the proper care once the pup leaves the BREEDER. BREEDER cannot be held responsible for the death, injury, deformity, or temperament of the pup due to illness, accident, or deviation from adequate care and socialization required for a Pug dog.

2. I, ________________________________________________________ (hereinafter designated as BUYER), agree to have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within seven (7) days of receipt. If health problems are found, the animal may be returned to BREEDER within seven (7) days from examination, for a full refund or replacement.  A replacement will depend on the BREEDER having a replacement puppy at this time.  The BUYER must provide a licensed veterinarian's examination document, showing any health problems, before any refund or replacement will be made.


3. The BUYER agrees that because all newly acquired puppies should be examined by a licensed veterinarian, which would insure the continuance of their puppy shots, then the BUYER is responsible for the cost of said examination.


4.  If the BUYER decides to keep the puppy, after a licensed veterinarian has determined there is a defect in that puppy, then all costs associated with that puppy is the responsibility of the BUYER.



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